Cohesion Partners was established in 2001 to help public and private sector organizations clarify and execute their business strategies in order to succeed in their missions. Our clients seek our expertise to help determine and accomplish their objectives in an environment that is increasingly complex and competitive.

COHESION is the result produced as we work collaboratively with clients to ensure resources — particularly people, processes, and technology — are aligned with a coherent strategy and business plan.

PARTNERS refers to the way we are viewed by 1) our clients, to whose success we are fully committed, and 2) affiliated firms and individuals who work with us to deliver full solutions.

Cohesion Partners provides services that are applicable across a diverse spectrum of organizations. In addition to our work with government agencies, we have served telecommunications, financial services, health care, retail, consumer packaged goods, and systems development entities as well as non-profits and associations. Our focus is on governance and leadership; the functional areas we have helped our clients improve include strategic planning, leader and board member development, marketing and market research, operations, information technology, and internal communications.